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Minhou craftwork is full of creative ideas.

Issuing time:2017-10-19 00:00

With the implementation of innovation driven development strategy, today's Minhou handicraft industry has broken the traditional impression of people, occupying the innovation of "highland", and selling it is a creative idea. Yesterday, Hong Minjie, President of the Minhou County craftwork Association, said in an interview with a reporter.

In recent years, Minhou home decoration handicraft enterprises have made new materials through machine switching and new materials. The industry from the original single bamboo, bamboo, wood, expanded to eight grass, rattan, iron, nearly one million varieties; production crafts with oriental charm of its unique, well received by customers in Europe and around the world favor. In 2016, the customs export was $651 million.

The number of product changes is up to tens of thousands of kinds a year

"The year before last Christmas Eve, a series of LED holiday decorations Minxing production sold out of stock in the United States, major shopping malls, products put shelves sold, American distributors rush orders snowed in. The factory is working overtime to supply the goods to foreign countries, and the delivery of air delivery is 10 times higher than that of the sea. " Lin Shuidi, chairman of Minhou Min Xing knitting and Weaving Co., Ltd., introduces more than 3200 employees in Min Xing, and the output value is 600 million yuan per year. The company's products are exported to Europe and the United States 95%. With the rising of people's aesthetic ideas, in recent years Home Furnishing accessories change faster and faster, the annual change of the product are tens of thousands of species.

Reporters saw in the product exhibition room of Min Xing company, many foreign merchants are communicating with R & D personnel on product characteristics. Enterprises can adjust product design immediately to meet the needs of foreign market according to customer requirements. In the past, a product can survive for 3 years in the market, but now, it is only one year in popularity.

"In 2015, sales of only LED products reached $30 million, but in 2016, this product was not popular." Shuidi Lin said, the market change, the test is sensitive to the trend of entrepreneurs, in order to capture foreign consumer habits, enterprises in recent years to send professional teams stationed in Europe and the United States market research abroad, the annual investment of 24 million yuan of new products, research and development of new technology, there are new ideas, new products every year guarantee.

According to reports, Minxing company also increased and the relevant universities and research units of cooperation, the use of high technology in the production line, improve product quality, the company introduced a "last year, a Shenzhen mobile phone manufacturing enterprises advanced nano coating technology, the appearance of the product painting more glossy, more environmentally friendly products." Said Lin Shui.

The efficiency of machine replacement is nearly 10 times higher

Fuzhou Hongbo Crafts Co., Ltd is Minhou output value of the third arts and crafts company, the company will change through the machine industry, multi material integration, expand the domestic market, to achieve the transformation and upgrading of the company.

Lin Liqu, chairman of the company, introduced an example of a galvanized panel as an example, which was artificially trimmed and trimmed on the production line, and then manually moulded and lofting. Finally, it was manually painted. In recent years, the company has continuously introduced advanced equipment and replaced manual work. The efficiency of each link has been increased by 5 times ~10 times, and the cost of material is saved.

"Now, making a galvanized plate handicraft only need to put material into CNC cutting machine, and it can be tailored accurately according to the size of CAD software design without trimming. After the automatic die pressing, the electrostatic net radiant spray paint can save 60% of the paint paint. If it is wood arts and crafts, then through the 3D intelligent sand light machine all azimuth stereoscopic grinding, manual only 1/10. Lin Liqu introduced that at present, the large scale handicraft factories in Minhou have realized the transformation from labor intensive to semi automatic production.

Private customization constantly excavate the domestic market

According to Hong Minjie introduction, mainly Minhou handicraft production export products, metal crafts, wood products, iron products, canvas painting, lacquer art products, craft clock products, leather products, gardening products eight categories, more than 100 thousand people to absorb rural surplus labor.

"In the early years, these handicraft factories were mainly exported. With the continuous improvement of domestic consumption level, many handicraft factories have been aiming at the domestic market, especially the private custom products, such as high-end residential, cafes, public spaces, etc., and maintain rapid development momentum. Hong Minjie said, in China's case, the company from the original pure export, there are 10% products to supply the domestic market, and the domestic market sales exceeded 20 million yuan.

For the transformation and upgrading of Minhou arts and crafts industry, Hong Minjie has a lot of emotion: "each year 'Guangzhou Fair', Minhou has hundreds of handicraft enterprises participating." In the early years, some companies, once they got large orders from foreign businessmen, would run to tell me, 'in the middle, the...' They are as excited as they are in the lottery. Now the entrepreneurs are calm and calm. Many Minhou handicrafts have been reinvented. With the continuous upgrading of domestic consumption level, Minhou handicraft industry will expand broader market space.